Happy Hour

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Dec 102010

Monday to Friday always on Family Bar&Club

House Drinks $$$$$$$$$ 5.00 $$$$$$$$$$

Come to enjoy us!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jul 132010

Do you have a Birthday party or function to organise?
Here at Family bar, we have a large downstairs venue called “Family Downunder” That can suit your needs perfectly!
contact the by e-mail or the bar staff for more details.
info@familybar.co.nz / sallesdanilo@hotmail.com
Organize your birthday with the Family Bar, and enjoy having a large venue for your occasion!
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Jul 132010

Come for a song or two every Wednesday. Enjoy a relaxed Gay atmosphere on our Karaoke day. Your evening will be hosted by
Miss Ribena and the gorgeous Jacki.
From 8:30PM until 1AM
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Thursdays Night

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Jul 132010

Every Thursday with Dj Wanda always doing a nice job playing old mixes.

From 10:00PM until late
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Jul 132010

Join Miss Ribena on stage with her team of gorgeous and talented gals between 1am and 2am, accompanied by the illustrious DJ Love opening the 10pm and 2am Set followed by DJ Marj taking you on till close.
In Family Downunder from 11pm we have DJ Wanda takes you on a ride with #1 hits from decades gone to the most current tracks hitting the airwaves and dancefloors today.
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Jul 132010

Dj Love with your classic music stock

Coming up late night Dj Marjorie doing

starts warming up the venue at 10pm  until 2am

an amazing job from 2am until close.

Down-under with Dj Starli- classical and exceptional

style making your nights absolute different from

everything we ever had before

start 11pm until close

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