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Miss Ribena


for those of us that love the bitch

Me, Myself, and I

This is a worship group for all the fans of the Queen of Gay Road herself MISS RIBENA!!!

She is the resident Drag Queen of Family Bar and can be seen on Wednesday at Queeree Kareoke and on Saturdays when she hosts the regular shows.

Then there are all the random spots she gets involved in like Celebration, Ski Week and Cocks in Frocks at the Boobs on Bikes.

The list of things shes involved in is endless and we love her for it!!!!!


No one is as KAMP DARLING!!!

Fonda Boyz

She’s a glamour girl around town.
And she’s sitting on a big old secret!

Fonda Boyz, a girl who likes to seek out the different and to explore this crazy world.
She’s tall, refined, educated, witty and loving. Well known for her Statuesque Figure, Fashion Forward styling and amazing shows, whether it be in a Cabaret Venue or a Nightclub Stage.

Fonda has done the rounds – not just once, but a couple of times. “Yes I’ve been there done that, now im doing it all over again. This time bigger and better!” Says Fonda with a cheeky laugh and a wink.

For 15 years Fonda has been entertaining us with her colorful and varied shows.
Winning her fist title within the first four months of starting her drag career, Miss Legends.
She followed that up by winning Miss Drag South Auckland and Miss Drag Auckland, on the same weekend, if you please.
“That weekend was so full-on, I didn’t have time to even catch my breath from the first competition, it was straight on to the second where I had to finalize the details of the shows and especially the costumes. I wanted everything perfect!”
And perfect it was.

Fonda has performed at all of Auckland’s gay venues and a few straight ones as well. Auckland woke up to the Fabulousness of Fonda.
She has also been known to pop down to Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch.
“I just the love going to other cities and performing, its new venues and new faces to show off for, who wouldn’t love doing that”.

Not only is she well known in New Zealand, but further afield as well.
Shows in Sydney and Melbourne and as far away as Brighton and London.
“Going to England really opened my eyes. I got to see what the girls were doing over there and realizing that the talent that we have here in New Zealand, is world class. We ROCK!”.
While she was away on her six month sojourn, Fonda almost picked up another title. That of Miss alternative London.
“Alas I didn’t win, but first runner-up is not that bad, especially when Im a little white gurl from South Auckland all the way over there in mega huge London.”

Fonda came back with new sense of her self and has gone from strength to strength.
“You can’t rely on past glories, you have to move forward and change with the times”.
“So watch out bitches, here I come!” (Again)


DeeZaStar has been a regular feature of New zealands queer dance culture and the wider club scenes for the last 25 years.

Her creator, Kneel halt, brings many disciplines he has gained through theater training, costume design and circus craft, to the “minor celebrity” that is DeeZaStar.

Be prepared to be scared witless, awestruck, confused and relieved if you havent yet crossed paths with this outrageous,avante garde drag monstrosity.

Appearing monthly at Family Nightclub

Exhibitionism is a drug…. You get hooked….. I’m now taking doses that would kill a beginner.” – Quentin Crisp

The Nancy Boys

The Nancy Boys are an all Gay Male Dance Company. Their mission is to create stunning shows that incorporate all styles of performances ranging from all boy shows, special guest drag artists and celebrity guest appearances. Formed in November 2009, The Nancy Boys have been performing all over Auckland in a variety of events including: fundraisers, themed evenings, fashion catwalks, corporate functions and festivals.

For further details, contact Brendan Kydd or Jesse Wikiriwhi at:

Mimi Boyz

Ok well, started out as a young drag queen doing my first show here at Family Night club. Started Drag when I was 19 years old and since then have won Queen of Queens 2008 and Queen of All Queens 2009. I have performed throughout New Zealand and hope to someday travel internationally. I now run my own entertainment company called Mimi Boyz Entertainment and can be contacted at

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